City tour

The city of Rhodes is one of the most interesting cities in the eastern Mediterranean and in Europe.

Because of its strategic position, between three continents, the island and the city of Rhodes was conquered many times by different people and each one of them brought something different to complete the amalgam that the city is composed .A diversity of medieval architectural styles, the oriental atmosphere, the remaining of the glorious times of ancient city Rhodes, makes the place an open air museum.

The tour is an approach to all the historical periods of the city that includes the ancient Acropolis, the modern Italian section and a brief tour of the medieval town.

duration approx. 2 ½ hrs


Lindos in one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes, founded by the Dorians in the 12th century bc. Flourished during the times of Cleoboulos (nothing in excess and everything in moderation) who was one of the seven wise men of the ancient times, known for the sanctuary of Athena, Lindos was one of the most important religious places for the ancient Greeks.

Today a typical landscape of the Aegean Sea, a village with whitewashed house and narrow streets protected by the archeological service.

Located 50 km from Rhodes town a must see place on the island.

The tour takes us through the village to see the beautiful byzantine church, the ancient theatre and  up to the ancient acropolis and we visit the ruins of the sanctuary of the goddess Athena .

duration approx. 4 ½ hrs

Exclusive Rhodes

Exclusive Rhodes is a tour to visit some unique places of the island

The acropolis of Ialyssos where Athena was worshiped at ancient times and where the knights of St. John built their monastery with a superb view over the North West coast of the island.

Kamiros one of the three ancient cities called also Pompeii of Rhodes. An amazing archeological site, a real ancient city with public buildings, houses, temples ,an excellent example of a typical city in Greece during the Hellenistic period (3rd century bc)

And the beautiful site of Kallithea’s spa, built during the glorious Italian period in the late 20’s today one of the most romantic places of Rhodes.


duration approx. 4 ½ hrs.

Medieval city

The medieval (old) town of Rhodes is the best and biggest preserved medieval city in the world, a UNESCO monument since 1988 and unique of its kind. built by the knights of St.John called also hospitaliers of the order of St.John of  Jerusalem or knights of Malta ,built between the 14 th  and the 16th century . this tour is a detailed visit of the old town on foot, from the intimate section to the bright aerea of the palace of the grand Masters .The street of the knights, the ancient hospitals the harbor ,are some of the places that we visit during the tour.

Duration aprox.2 ½ hrs ,but can be extended if if the tour includes any museums .

duration aprox.2 ½ hrs + museum visiting

Religious tour

Crossroad    of the eastern Mediterranean, cradle of western civilization and a melting pot of different religions this is Rhodes .Christians (Catholics and orthodox) ,Muslims and Jews were always present on the island. Early Christian churches, byzantine churches, mosques, and synagogues complete this multireligious puzzle.

Depending on your interest we can offer you a tour of all the religious monuments, but we are specialized in Jewish tours (Juderia, synagogues), Christian tours (modern and ancient churches) and Muslim monuments (mosques, Turkish library, Turkish baths).

duration approx. 2 ½ hrs